Xeloda cycle 12, cancer perks, say what?

Hello Friends,

Oh my gosh, the weather here in Tn is just beautiful. Sunny but not too hot, with afternoon showers that cool things down. Long days with daylight till around 9 pm. Just around that time the fireflies come out and light the forest surrounding us with twinkle lights. It is simply magical. I have to say I'm adjusting to life here in Tennessee quite nicely. I just didn't believe I could love a place as much as I loved Flower Mound Texas, but here I am. I'm smitten! How is it where you are? Are you enjoying your Summer as well?

Earlier this week, my daughter and I discovered a new hiking trail nearby. It was so nice to go hiking with her and the dogs. The dogs just go crazy for being in nature, and want to drag us along on the adventure. They start out by being in the lead, and by the end of our hike you can see a nap is in their near future! Sweet pups. There have been lots of yard projects happening around our house. Mainly a lot of lower limbs being trimmed back from trees and bushes being trimmed. The yard is beginning to look more cared for a less neglected. It is sooooo awesome to feel well enough to partner with Mo in these yard improvements. I'm just loving it.

Tomorrow I begin cycle 12 of xeloda! Yay! Just kidding. Not yay. I'm really sort of dreading it. Chemo is just no fun. Well I will leave you now, and let you view the video for more information on THAT. Thanks for stopping by. I'll see ya next week on Wednesday.


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