Rainy day, rainy mood.

Hello Friends,
Can you believe that it is alreAdy Wednesday? Me Neither. So, I go on a bit of a rant about the cost of medical treatment, and how tends to rob you and family of finanCial freedom. My family is debt free, except for living expEnses, and it is very stressful to have thousands of dollaRs of out of pocket medical expenses. I alSo have a little video clip of the weather here in Knoxville today. You woUldn't believe the rain we have had off and on today. It was torrential for a while. But I love the rainforest type Climate that we enjoy here in Tennessee. Please Keep my daughter's dog Oscar in your thoughts and prayers. He is going through a bout of pancreatitiS. We do worry about our little fur babies! At the end of the video Sadie fans will enjoy a brief appearance.

Thanks for stopping by.


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