Xeloda, cycle 14

Hello my friends,

It is so nice to see you here again. I hope that this post finds all of you doing well. Things are good here. Everyone is full swing back into being busy. Mo has had some changes at work that are keeping him nicely busy. Anna is back into another semester of college. One more to go and she is done with this degree and moves on to the next one. I am managing the house, and keeping myself busy with books, household projects, and day dreams. One of those day dreams is to find a way to turn blogging into a job. Not just a hobby or a way of keeping in touch with all you friends. It would be a great thing, if this could generate a bit of income for me. Sooooo, I keep dreaming about that and trying to turn that day dream into a reality.

Otherwise, I am spending time doing chemo and general family management. It all keeps my days very full. I would love to hear how YOU are doing. Please take a moment to update me, or leave questions or comments.

Thanks for stopping by,


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