Avon, what are you thinking?

A copy of the email that I wrote to Avon in regards to their very insensitive ad. It has me very upset. This is just not a cute disease. I am just so angry about this. Let's stop being aware and start doing something beyond feeling ourselves up. Let's get a cure!!!!

I am writing in regards to your avon "check yourself" campaign. I am a woman who has lived the past three years with metastatic breast cancer. I "checked" myself in 2000 and was diagnosed with right breast cancer and treated. I checked myself with yearly mammograms, pet scans, mri's and cat scans and was diagnosed with mets bc because of a routine pre-surgical x ray and blood test. My normal mammo and pets ect didn't discover my spreading disease, it was a test done pre surgery. So, lucky me huh? Your ad is offensive and misleading, as well as uneducated and uniformed. Women/and men who could develop breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer are not being served well by your ad. It would have been better spent money if you had given it directly to research. Shame on you. Should you wish to learn more about this disease from women who live and are dying with this disease, please check out my blog www.lesliescancerconfessions.blogspot.com or http://jillscancerjourney.blogspot.com/ or http://www.butdoctorihatepink.com/ or http://lisabadams.com/tag/xeloda/ or http://mbcn.org/.
All of these web sites can inform you better about what you are missing in your ad.

Leslie Bowlus

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