Unplanned for medical tests


  Hello friends,

Today was eventful.  I started a bit earlier than I usually do.  Sadie stated that it was time to wake up for the day and didn't care too much that it was 5 am.  After doing the usual morning routine, I got myself onto the treadmill.  After the first 5 minutes (I usually walk 40 minutes) it was clear I wasn't breathing normally, and I was sweating WAY more than I should have been for only 5 minutes on the treadmill.  I called the oncologist, and then ended up going in to see him.  I had a chest x-ray that showed the same amount of fluid I had 2 weeks ago on my cat scan.  But my blood pressure was way too low.  Normally it is 110 over 80 but today it was 90 over 60.  No wonder I feel so dang tired.  After a lengthy discussion we went to the hospital for bloodwork, and based on those results we will do further testing.  I explain that and more in this little video.  Thanks for stopping by,
I will keep you posted!

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