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The deepest, most extreme tiredness a body can feel.

Hello friends,

I'm not certain what is going on with my today. I'm at the beginning of cycle 9 of xeloda. It has given me such terrible tummy troubles. Last Thursday I was afraid to leave the house and not be near a restroom. I didn't want to embarrass myself. I am taking prescription anti diarrhea medicine. It has helped some what, but has left me with the most uncomfortable cramps. Now I am sitting with a heating pad on my stomach. Of course that only heats my stomach and does nothing for me internally. This is not a blog about complaining. This is just what is going on with my body right now. I'm sure that how I am feeling today is just the effects of having had tummy troubles these past 5 days. It left me feeling tired, weak and droopy. I have zero energy. Somehow, I managed to pack a box with nicknacks today. I am also managing to stay ontop of my household chores. YAY! Go ME!

I'm hoping to gain my energy back by Friday. Friday is closing an…