The deepest, most extreme tiredness a body can feel.

Hello friends,

I'm not certain what is going on with my today. I'm at the beginning of cycle 9 of xeloda. It has given me such terrible tummy troubles. Last Thursday I was afraid to leave the house and not be near a restroom. I didn't want to embarrass myself. I am taking prescription anti diarrhea medicine. It has helped some what, but has left me with the most uncomfortable cramps. Now I am sitting with a heating pad on my stomach. Of course that only heats my stomach and does nothing for me internally. This is not a blog about complaining. This is just what is going on with my body right now. I'm sure that how I am feeling today is just the effects of having had tummy troubles these past 5 days. It left me feeling tired, weak and droopy. I have zero energy. Somehow, I managed to pack a box with nicknacks today. I am also managing to stay ontop of my household chores. YAY! Go ME!

I'm hoping to gain my energy back by Friday. Friday is closing and moving day!!!! Mo will paint the kitchen ceiling right after closing and I will clean up the fridge and drawers and cupboards to prep for moving in our kitchen stuff. I'm so excited. I've been dreaming about it at night. Do you ever dream of your life's current events? Weird stuff eh?

I have received my lymphedema sleeve and glove. Here is what it looks like:

It seems to be working well. I "get to" wear this any time I use my arm. Which is all the time. It is very fashionable and trendy. It is a beautiful accessory to any outfit (hahaha) and is very sexy to wear to bed. LOL! Not sexy AT ALL,

Sorry this is such a short update. I am spacing out even as I write this.

Thanks for stopping by,


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