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Hello friends,

Wow, am I tired. We have moved load after load of our belongings since last Friday. Today is the first day I have done some sitting around. It feels nice. The weather here is starting to act more like Spring. Although two days ago we had snow flurries. Today it is 63 Degrees. Crazy right? Today I have been just doing a bit of regular type house work, and assorted box unpacking. It is so awesome to have our washer and drier set up. I cannot even begin to tell you how much work Mo put into this move. Since I can't do heavy lift he did all of it. Plus my daughter....oh my gosh that young lady is such a hard worker. The past 7 days have been none stop work. Plus she has done all of her college classes and assignments. My mind is blown by these two super humans! I thank God for them. (yes, I did say God on the web. Any second now the word police will come after me)

So, for the most part now we are settled. There are still some boxes in the garage to sort through. Some are things that will possibly end up in a garage sale. After moving these things from Texas to Colorado and then to Tennessee, we have finally decided that there are some things we might need to let someone else appreciate. I definitely see a sale or donation in our future. I guess it will be a great way to meet our neighbors.

Oh hey, I could use your opinion about something. In the week we have been here, we have had a neighbor (yet to be caught) let his pony sized dog come about 10 feet into our yard and leave huuuuuuuge piles of doggie gifts. I want to leave a sign in the yard thanking them for the gift and suggesting they take it back, with a roll or doggie poo pick up backs there for the to use to clean up their **it. Another suggestion has been to put up a video camera and catch them in the act. But then what? What do you think? What would you do. I guess I could put a fence up to prevent them from entering our yard, but all the houses in this area have open front yards. Opinions? Suggestions? Stories about your bad neighbor experiences?

Well, Here is this weeks vlog:

Thank you guys for checking back each week and viewing these vlogs and reading this blog. I love reading your comments and getting your email. I guess Wednesday or Thursday seems to be my posting days. Check back next week on Thursday and see what I have for you then.


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