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Holy cow is life busy and full. I have been super busy with the moving and unpacking and general day to day life stuff. Laundry, dishes, errands. Yesterday was a day full of appointments. I had my oncology monthly appointment yesterday. The oncology office is such a series of waiting rooms. First you check in at reception where you wait to be called for labs. In the lab yet into a chair with a mechanical arm that folds across the front and sort of locks you in. Then they access my port which allows them to draw the blood they need for all of my tests. Then I am directed to a secondary waiting room. From there I am called by the nurse to be weighed and guided to the doctors exam room. At this point I get asked the same questions as every appointment. Do I have any mouth sores, diarrhea, sore feet and hands? Am I sleeping well, fatigued thinking clearly, depressed? I answer by telling the doctor that I do have tummy troubles but the medicine prescribed for it helps me not be chained to the house. No mouth sores, and yes, my hands are feet look as though they have been dipped in boiling oil, and they are cracking bleeding and sensitive. Where upon he exams them and decides it is the worst case of hand and foot he has seen to date. He and I discuss changing my dose of xeloda. We decide to keep the dose the same but instead of two weeks on and a week of, I will do a week on and a week off. Which will change my treatment from actually being 3 weeks a month to two weeks. I am sooooo fine with that. My tumor markers are still within the normal range. So I really don't want to decrease the dose, as it is currently working to control the cancer. The side effects can be controlled and managed. As long as I am only limping around and being gentle to my hands and feet, as long as I am walking and still able to chop and shop and clean, I prefer to stay the course.

So, overall that was a good appointment. Then in the afternoon, I took Sadie and her best bud Oscar to the vet. Oscar didn't have an appointment, but came for moral support. ( what a good pup ) did you know that there is pet insurance? We pay for it through petsmart. It allows both doggies to get a free dental cleaning and several well checks for free throughout the year. It also decreases the amount their shots cost. It also covers a shot that I didn't know existed and we didn't need until we moved here to Tn. There are ticks here and ticks cause Lyme disease. Yes, even in pets. There is a vaccine to prevent this. So, Sadie got one and poor unsuspecting Oscar got one too. They go back in 3 weeks for a booster, then once a year. It was a doctor day all around yesterday. Your family ( and pets ) health is so important. It is such a good feeling to know that the doggies are safe from such a yucky illness.

Today is start of cycle 10 of xeloda. I woke with a nervous stomach and a horrid headache. I choked town some dry toast and apple sauce. Then I soaked in our giant tub, ( I have to climb over the sides and walk across the tub to turn on the taps ) My tub soak didn't help much with either the headache or nausea. I inhales some tylenol and some Xeloda with a chaser of promethazine. Now, I am being lazy on the couch. Just taking it easy for the rest of the day. That's cancer for you. Good days and days that aren't.

This is a busy weekend ahead. The goal for weekend ahead is to empty our storage unit and end that rental. I sure hope I can help. There are plenty of boxes to unpack, but I can't lift or move them. But I do what I can to get things done. I definitely see a garage sale in our future. So, the family ( dogs included ) are all doctored up. The weekend is just on the cusp. I'm looking forward to it. What have you planned for your days this weekend?

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