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Should we always take the tests our doctor orders for us/

Hello friends,

Wow, am I tired. We have moved load after load of our belongings since last Friday. Today is the first day I have done some sitting around. It feels nice. The weather here is starting to act more like Spring. Although two days ago we had snow flurries. Today it is 63 Degrees. Crazy right? Today I have been just doing a bit of regular type house work, and assorted box unpacking. It is so awesome to have our washer and drier set up. I cannot even begin to tell you how much work Mo put into this move. Since I can't do heavy lift he did all of it. Plus my daughter....oh my gosh that young lady is such a hard worker. The past 7 days have been none stop work. Plus she has done all of her college classes and assignments. My mind is blown by these two super humans! I thank God for them. (yes, I did say God on the web. Any second now the word police will come after me)

So, for the most part now we are settled. There are still some boxes in the garage to …