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Xecoda. Cycle 10. Updatenand general life stuff.

Hello Friends,

Holy cow is life busy and full. I have been super busy with the moving and unpacking and general day to day life stuff. Laundry, dishes, errands. Yesterday was a day full of appointments. I had my oncology monthly appointment yesterday. The oncology office is such a series of waiting rooms. First you check in at reception where you wait to be called for labs. In the lab yet into a chair with a mechanical arm that folds across the front and sort of locks you in. Then they access my port which allows them to draw the blood they need for all of my tests. Then I am directed to a secondary waiting room. From there I am called by the nurse to be weighed and guided to the doctors exam room. At this point I get asked the same questions as every appointment. Do I have any mouth sores, diarrhea, sore feet and hands? Am I sleeping well, fatigued thinking clearly, depressed? I answer by telling the doctor that I do have tummy troubles but the medicine prescribed for …