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My beautiful, crazy busy life.

Hello friends,

Is your life so busy you could use a nap? I'm definitely on the crazy train of life right now. We are On the tail end of our move, with a garage filled with boxes yet to be emptied. We have everything we need to survive, so I am wondering, what the heck is in those boxes, and if we should just donate it all and down size. LOL, the minute you get rid of something you wish you still had it. So, I guess some box emptying is in my future. We have my mom visiting here from Colorado this week. She can't get over all the different types of green trees and all the variety of flowers that are in bloom. We have been hiking at the UT arboretum a few of the days since she has been here. They have everything from trees, to plants and flowers labeled on all the trails. We have done two of the 40 different trails in the past 3 days. Yesterday was too cold for a hike, so we walked the one and only true mall, (West town mall ) in Knoxville. Despite the fact that my ha…