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Hair, anxiety and expectations.

Hello my friends,

Today I am off on a tangent about hair. Hair? Yes, Hair. Over our lifetime our hair can change so much. Short, long, curled, straightened, pony tails, buns ect. Or in my case, permed, straight, wavy, bald, long and straight, bald, fuzzy, bald, and now super dooper curly! Yow! Now, you KNOW you've changed, right? We all look back at pictures of ourselves and think, Holy cow that hair style was awful." Or maybe you look back and say " Man I look hot?!?" Perspective comes over time, huh? Any how, I just thought that I would share the many changes my hair has gone through due to chemo and cancer in general. So this is a photo heavy video. Also, I go on a bit of a rant about anxiety and living up to other peoples expectations. Keep in mind that the anxiety is just about my experiences, and it is part of living up to other peoples expectations. What I mean is that a lot of my past anxiety had been caused by my worry and fear about what othe…