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October update


Avon, what are you thinking?

A copy of the email that I wrote to Avon in regards to their very insensitive ad. It has me very upset. This is just not a cute disease. I am just so angry about this. Let's stop being aware and start doing something beyond feeling ourselves up. Let's get a cure!!!!

I am writing in regards to your avon "check yourself" campaign. I am a woman who has lived the past three years with metastatic breast cancer. I "checked" myself in 2000 and was diagnosed with right breast cancer and treated. I checked myself with yearly mammograms, pet scans, mri's and cat scans and was diagnosed with mets bc because of a routine pre-surgical x ray and blood test. My normal mammo and pets ect didn't discover my spreading disease, it was a test done pre surgery. So, lucky me huh? Your ad is offensive and misleading, as well as uneducated and uniformed. Women/and men who could develop breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer are not being served…