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Unplanned for medical tests

Hello friends,

Today was eventful.  I started a bit earlier than I usually do.  Sadie stated that it was time to wake up for the day and didn't care too much that it was 5 am.  After doing the usual morning routine, I got myself onto the treadmill.  After the first 5 minutes (I usually walk 40 minutes) it was clear I wasn't breathing normally, and I was sweating WAY more than I should have been for only 5 minutes on the treadmill.  I called the oncologist, and then ended up going in to see him.  I had a chest x-ray that showed the same amount of fluid I had 2 weeks ago on my cat scan.  But my blood pressure was way too low.  Normally it is 110 over 80 but today it was 90 over 60.  No wonder I feel so dang tired.  After a lengthy discussion we went to the hospital for bloodwork, and based on those results we will do further testing.  I explain that and more in this little video.  Thanks for stopping by,
I will keep you posted!

Sweater weather

Hello my friends,

First off let me ask, did this time change mess up anyone else?  Oh my gosh it turned me into a mess.  I woke earlier than normal because poor little Sadie got ill.  Cleaning barf is not a great way to start the day.  I ended up feeling tired and out of it for most of the day.  Little Sadie is feeling better, but has been off her game all day.  Sort of lazy.

It became quite cold over night.  It is totally sweater weather.  It is the perfect day for hot drinks, bundling in sweaters and having a nice fire in the fire place.  That is my plan for this evening.  Sunday nights my family and I look forward to finding out what is going on with Rick, and Carl.  Tonite we are eager to find out where the heck Beth is.  Yes, that's right, I have become a dead head!  I totally binge watched three seasons over the course of a year to get caught up to the recent season (season four) and now we are watching season five.  It is a really interesting series if you are into sci fi. …