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This was posted to my google  plus feed by someone two days ago.  I live a vegetarian lifestyle.  I have juiced, taken vitamin c and done so many proven therapies to stay alive.  I am at the 5 yr mark of  living with metastatic breast cancer, which makes me a sort of outlier in the mets community because we don't normally survive beyond  the  3 yr mark.  I must be doing something right, yet "experts" such as this continue to share with me their opinions.  I won't waste another moment of my life on such vitriol.  I just wanted to  share with you what  sort of crap people feel free to share with me on the daily.  

Jun 4, 2016
+Leslie Bowlus I will NEVER live with terminal cancer, because I understand what cancer is and how the body works, you think that you randomly by some form of luck "caught" cancer. I have seen MANY "terminal" "cancers" healed and people are living a normal life today free of all issues. Don't get angry or take things personal just because you don't understand, you can continue to blame random acts and continue to suffer or you can fix yourself and beat cancer, its your choice, I am helping people beat it everyday, but I don't walk the walk for them, I just arm them with truthful information.

If I was diagnosed with "terminal cancer" I would immediately get on a fasting, fruit, fruit juice program with some alkaline herbs, eating as little as I could and allowing my body the ability to heal, I have already healed myself from diabetes, acid reflux, heartburn, acne, inflammation, arthritis, and I lost 110 lbs in 6 months with no loose skin. I am a living example of what I speak. Thank you.

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