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My Prescription Refill Nightmare

Oh My gosh friends,

This has been one heck of a frustrating week. It is all due to me calling my mail order pharmacy for a refill of my Letrozole. The optum rx was my pharmacy for 8 months with no trouble, but then they changed me over to Briova for Letrozole and Ibrance, and then Briova changed me back for only the letrozole. It is frustrating enough not to be able to choose who will fill your prescriptions, but it is super frustrating to be bounced back and forth from one Pharmacy to another at a whim. It is all a rather longish story, which I share in the video below.
In this weeks blog I wanted to share some facts and figures with you. I started to feel overwhelmed by thoughts of all I have been through these past 5 years, and decided it would all be easier to deal with broken up into tinier chunks. So I wrote it all down, at least what I could remember. This is what I came up with. My math might be off by a bit (probably under, not over)

It all began with a chest xra…