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Hello People,

Thank you for stopping by to view this post. Yesterday I had my oncologist appointment. The way it works ( for the uninitiated into oncology/chemo treatments) is that you see your oncologist on the first week of your scheduled treatments. You update your medicines, and get new prescriptions. Get examined and talk about your concerns and treatment changes. Then you have labs and when they come back, if your counts are good, then you have treatment. My treatment is Avasin, Taxol, and on the third week I get xgeva for strengthening my bones because of the previous tumors and current micro-fractures. So, the doctor visit went well. A bit confusing. It seems like he tells me one thing on one visit and then doesn't remember telling me that and says something else contradictory. So, irritating! But Mo was there and it gave me the strength to call him out on some of the things. Grrr.

Chemo was pretty routine. My counts were all really good. So, of course I had chemo. There was a new patient who talked loudly on her cell phone the whole time (lawd has mercy, Jeeeeesus is gon heal me!) over and over and over. No problem until I got my benedryl and wanted desperately to fall asleep. Again, grrrrrrr! Thanks for letting me vent a bit there. I am a Christ follower, so I have nothing against the healing of Jesus, it just was't the time or the place for her loud conversation.

Today I took my oldest living friend, Biscuit, to the vet to help her make that final transition to join her best bud Gravy dog in heaven. Biscuit was blind in both eyes, deaf, vomited often, peed in the house cause she just couldn't hold it. My daughters dog, Oscar, was her blind guide dog, and helped her from her reclining chair to the outside when it was time to go. I can tell he already misses her. He has checked her chair several times. It was very sweet to have my Hubby and daughter there. My son lives in Texas and was in touch with us by cell. We were all in tears. We all comforted each other. I am very blessed by my little family.

I came home and let my new puppy, Sadie, out of her kennel. She yipped and chattered at me in puppy talk. It was a really great greeting. Just the thing I needed after parting with Biscuit.

Here are a few photos of Biscuit as we said our goodbyes.

Thank you for allowing me to share these things with you.


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