Almost hitting the two year mark taking Ibrance

Hello my friends,
Wow, there are so so so many milestones happening in my life right now.  If you haven't been following along on Youtube recently, you may not know about Gracie.  She is a cute little chocolate and tan smooth coat dachshund that Mo and I have added to our fur baby family.
Here is a photo of Sadie all cuddled up with Gracie.  They are so sweet.  I love them both so much, and I have no regrets getting pups while living with cancer.  In fact I recommend it.  It is a very healthy thing to do. 
I also am about to hit the 6 year mark on March 28th, of living with metastatic breast cancer.  This is fantastic.  I was initially told to expect 1-3 yrs as a prognosis.  I have doubled my time here on earth, from what science has expected from me.  I intend to have a HUGE celebration.  I'm not sure what I will do to celebrate, but it has to be larger than life.  Like, jump from a plane, I dunno.  Just BIG.  
Also, In June I will celebrate two years of being on Ibrance.  The newest of the metastatic breast cancer treatments.  I have averaged about 2 yrs on the previous two treatments I was on.  Chemotherapy tends to work in such a way, that over time the cancer will figure out how to beat it.  So, no matter what you are on or how long you are on it, the one thing you can count on is it will become ineffective over time.  
Finally, today I had an appointment for labs and a check up with my oncologist.  For the first time in over two years, my tumor markers are at the bottom of the range that is considered normal!!!!  I am so happy.  This doesn't mean I get to stop taking chemo or that I am cured.  What it means is that the chemo is working and working very well.  YAY!
That is all for me folks.  I just really wanted to update you on those exciting reasons to celebrate.  If you have any ideas you want to suggest on how I can whoop it  up for  my 6 yr metsaversary, leave  them in the comments below.  Hey, also let me know how you are finding this blog.  Through FB, Twitter, google plus or Blogger, or  It would really help me out to know how you found me.
Thanks for stopping by,

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