What do I think of bucket lists?

Well hello there my dear friends,
It has sure been a while since I have written a post, or filmed a Youtube video.  I believe the last time I uploaded was in May during a visit to the Chicago museum of art. That was one of the Most lovely times I have enjoyed with my whole family.  It was an amazing time, My daughter graduated from Uni. at Loyola in the morning, my son was here with his future wife visiting for the occasion.  So after the graduation we set forth and took on the city of Chicago, going to the Museum, walking in the park, enjoying the best food the city had to offer.  It was a blast.  An incredible memory and one of the few items I have on my bucket list.  Many people have ideas about travel or sky diving or even some thing simple like Disney.
Those have never been my bucket items.  From the  moment I found out I had  mets bc, I knew my bucket list would only have a few items.  Enduring ones non the less.
I wanted to see my daughter graduate from University.
I want to see my son marry Caitlin.
I want to be here to see their children born and grow.
I want to see my daughter settled as well, although marriage isn't in the near future, I want to be here to see it if she chooses to marry.
I want to see her children as well.
I want to see my husband thrive in his career and be comfortable in his retirement.
I want to see my dogs live  a full and happy life (they are 5 yrs and 8 months old- so that gives me at least 16 or 17 years)
I want to move back to Tn, because no state I have been to has been so suited to me as Tn.  I LOVE it there.  Nashville is the life goal.
I also want to travel, and hike, and see concerts, and watch movies, and dance, and sing, and Live.

Like so many of my metaviver sisters, I would  just like to live out a natural life.  As long as I can possibly live.  So, what do I think of bucket lists?  I encourage them.  There are as many types of bucket lists as there are women and men living with this disease.  What do you think of bucket lists?  Share yours in the comments down below.  I would love to hear the dreams you have.

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