The count down begins.

It seems that I am always counting down to something these days.  Counting down to the time to take day before steroids for chemo.  Counting down to chemo,  or the week I get to see the doctor.  My husband travels sometimes, so I find myself counting down to his return on occasion.  Today I am counting down till it is time to take my steroids.  Then I will start thinking about chemo tomorrow morning.  In between the counting of time I do live a life. 

My life today has been all about spending time with my daughter.  Spending time with each of my children and my husband has become very important to me since my diagnosis.  Every moment feels so important.  Even the most simple.  Today we enjoyed a sandwich for lunch at McCalisters.  We got to talk and laugh.  We both really enjoyed getting away from the house, but still being in air conditioning.  It is over 100 degrees today in Texas.  Truly the dog days of Summer.

As I mentioned, tomorrow is chemo.  We two of my three weeks on and one week off.  I take Taxol/Avastin on weeks one and three and just Taxol on week two.  This is my third month  What have I noticed so far?  Well I lost my hair, I still have to watch my weight, and I am tired all the time.  Yesterday I noticed that I am losing my eyelashes.  Fun times!  These things are all inconvenient.  They can be fixed.  I wear a wig or a hat to cover my hair loss.  I can continue my vegetarian lifestyle to control my weight.  As for eyelashes, they make some that are specifically for cancer patients.  The glue holds them on for several days and is gently on the sensitive skin of the cancer patient.  Problems solved.  All except for the fatigue.  I don't know how to deal with that one yet other than to drink lots of water and try to rest during the day.

Well People, I am off to do just that.  Rest. 

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