Please, feel free to invade my space

Okay, The title is sarcastic to say the least.  As you get to know me you will find that I have an edge to the way I think.  So okay, You've heard the story of how a person will rub the tummy of someone who is chubby and ask when their due date is?  Only to find out that that aren't pregnant?  Well this is sort of like that.

On the 10 year mark of being cancer free from Breast cancer, I found out that I have metastatic breast cancer.  It is in the lungs, chest wall, arm bone on the right side, and my pelvic bones.  Since that time I have discovered that my body is not my own.  It is open to being pinched, poked, prodded and probed.  I get stuck by needles every week.  This is all so much fun and it is something I am growing used to.  What happened yesterday came as a surprise. 

Here is how it all went down:

My daughter and I were out for a quick lunch and a movie.  While standing in line to pay, a complete stranger rushed up behind me and says in a loud voice, "Do you have cancer?"  I think she had observed the clue that I had no hair on my head and a cap that barely covered my baldness.  So I said "yes"  Then she said "They are coming up with so many cures for that now"  To which I said "there is no cure for metastatic breast cancer"  But she didn't want to hear what I had to say.  She just wanted to purge her belief in a cure all over me and then bounce on her merry way.  I was sort of shocked.  Her whole objective had been to find out if I had cancer and then encourage me into believing I would be cured.  More for her sake than mine, I said "thanks for the encouragement"  as I passed her table.

I believe that as the signs of my cancer become more apparent physically, more folks will take it upon themselves to tell me publicly that I will be cured, or what treatments I should be on.  I already had someone tell me that there is a miracle worker in Mexico.  Wow!  that is awesome that someone has cured cancer.  Bummer that they've received zero recognition for it though.

So, Tell me if anything like this has happened to you.


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