Chemo update, and on to the next big adventure

Yes!  I am home from chemo.  It went fast because of only having the Taxol today.  I had a new nurse and she was awesome.  Quick, efficient, and very friendly.  I did get nauseated, but felt better after my daughter  and I ate our wich wich sandwiches.  Yummy veggie with extra  avacado.  It was so good.  Who knew that eating could make you not feel like throwing up? 

So, now I am home and feeling better.  We ran to lowes to buy caulking.  It was a very important home improvement purchase for redoing the bathroom counter.  We live Tx and have enjoyed it for the past 15 years.  But now I am heavy with metastatic bc, and my hubby's dad has bladder cancer.  He has fought a great battle, with two courses of very strong treatment.  Despite treatment his cancer has grown and spread.  So he is stopping treatment to better enjoy his life.  Family is hugely important to us, and that means we are moving back to Colorado.  We are doing it for our immediate family (us) to not have regrets and to also be surrounded by friends and family who love us, and support us.  And so that we can support and love on our friends and family.  We feel more like we are moving towards something than  moving away from something.  Hence the bathroom caulking repair.  If we are going to sell our house, we can't have gross caulk now can we?  

 Moving here was a big adventure.  It brought us closer as a married couple, and made us best friends.  Now it is time to  move on to the next big adventure.  It is exciting and a little scary.  What adventure in life doesn't have a scare factor? 

I will keep you posted on all the adventerous details of our move.
Thanks for stopping by.

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