The energy yo yo.

Today was a great day.  I made plans to get up early and go to breakfast with my family.  I know that if I make myself do something then I end up finding energy.  So, I have chemo on Friday and by Wednesday I begin to feel my energy come back.  That gives me a whole day or two of feeling like a human before my next chemo.  YAY!  That is why I love the almost two weeks between treatments when I have my week off.  It makes it so hard to go back for the first treatment.  I feel so good that the idea of purposely making myself feel bad is completely unattractive.  If there were an and date to this it would be different.  Like if I knew that there was only 6 months of treatment and it would be over.  But it never ends until we move on to the next effective drug therapy.  Uggggh.  I guess that I am just feeling sorry for myself and don't really want to go for chemo on Friday.  What a wimp huh? 

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