Tumor marker

About 3 months ago I began keeping track of my tumor  markers.  They have always been above normal.  The Test is called CA 29.27.  But it has been going up.  The number I got today is 68.  I guess 20-38> is normal.  I have been having liver pain for a couple of months and saying it is because there is no pad in the arm of the couch where I lean when I am watching tv.  (Excuses)  Because it is easier to think that it is something else.  That is until you find out that the whisper you have had in the back of your brain all along, was right.  You should always listen to the little whispers and the "feelings" you have.  It is your body and you know it better than anyone else.  So, I am going to have one more CA 2927 before I see my doc in September.  If it is the same or goes up I will be asking for a cat scan.  I would really like to have this settled before moving.  I am also wondering if the fact that my markers are going up means that the Taxol/avastin doesn't work.  Maybe they should be considering a different combo. 

I had my treatment a couple of hours ago.  I feel sooooo tired.  The nausea was a bit irksome.  But my daughter made me home made veggie soup.  It really made me feel better.  Now I am hang out in the living room, leaning on the suspiciously pad free couch arm, watching recordings of suits, and rookie blue.  Taking it easy is my plan for the next few days.

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