A great place to shop for wigs is Donna Young wigs

Hello people,
Recently I had an opportunity to shop the wig site at www.paulayoung.com.  This is a great place to shop if you want to change your hairstyle or length instantly!  If you happen to live with alopecia or have had hair loss from cancer, this is a wonderful place to look for wigs or even hair extensions. 

As my followers on my blogs know, I have metastatic breast cancer.  This means that I have long term chemo in my future.  I have completely lost my hair as well as my eyelashes and some of my eyebrows.  There is nothing that makes a woman feel quite as self-conscious as being hairless.  So, of course I have a wig. Actually I have two, one of my wigs synthetic and one that is human hair and synthetic blend.  I like them both, but the blend is more real feeling to me.

It is difficult to shop for wigs especially when you try to match how your hair looked before treatment.  Paula Young wigs is pretty cool  compared to other site. There are many options to choose from. You will find wigs in a lot of  colors, styles and types.  Choose synthetic, a blend of human hair and synthetic or even shell out a little more and get a human hair wig.  There is a great range of prices to choose from, and they have frequent sales.  You can totally afford to have more than one wig with prices like these.   

There are also may accessories on this site.  Wig accessories and clothing and clothing accessories.  To start off  You should get a wig stand.  There are a couple stands to choose from. A wire stand, which I use for the wigs I have currently and there is the styling stand.  this is more like a head.  I wish I had gotten that instead because it seems more solid for wig placement and styling than the wire one.  The wire one that I have from the wig shop my insurance sent me to, falls over and moves around.  Lesson learned it pays to upgrade sometimes.

If you get a wig from there, send in a photo or email and let me know what you think of it!!

Leslie Bowlus

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