Keep your pink ribbons!

Okay, So I ordered some eyelashes and glue from  I have lost my eyelashes and am self conscious about it.  They arrived in rapid speed.  The product is exactly as I expected.  It may take a bit of time to get used to putting a strip of false eyelashes on.  Practice makes perfect.  It will get easier each day that I do it.  Once I get the hang of it I'll post a photo of the process. 

Overall I am happy with the lashes and the glue and the adhesive remover.  What got me started was the 6 inch long pink ribbon that come taped to the merchandise.  I opened the brown box to find my products inside and there it was.  Right on top of the packages all bright and pink and shiny.  It made me so mad.  My thoughts ran in a string like this.  "What the....  A pink ribbon,  they don't even know  what kind of cancer I have.  It is a head cover site.  What if I have alopecia?  What If I have lung cancer?  Okay, so I do have breast cancer.  Metastatic breast cancer.  There are no bright pink ribbons for a cure for me.  It will be my life from now on.  Wow, this is so in your face to all the other cancers that might be ordering from this company"  Those were my thoughts.  Then I thought this.  "Why would they promote the pink ribbon over other cancers?  Are they funded by Susan G Koman?  It weird right?  I'm just saying.......Keep your pink ribbon. 

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