A Paula Young wig has arrived

Today I received a little package in the mail.  It came from http://paulayoung.com.  I have done a guest blog for their website and it posted today.  As a thank you for the blog that I would have done anyway, they sent me a wig. I got to choose a wig out of any on the site.  It was so great that they didn't limit my choice.  With my daughters help I chose to get a darker one that normal.  It would be my instinct to get blonde.  Instead I went a medium reddish brown.  Here is a photo of how it looks on. 

This is a nice shade for me.  It has a great style too.  

So, what do you think?  Do you like it?  I probably won't be wearing it much until it cools down.  But I look forward to wearing it. 

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