Keep your snake oil to yourself!

There is nothing that makes people happier, when they hear you're sick with cancer, than to tell you about their snake oil.  By snake oil, I mean miracle cures.  They have an aunt who had what you have, or what they imagine you have because they don't really want to know what you have.  So, they begin to talk over you and tell you about the miracle doctor in Mexico, or the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide cure.  Say what!?  Or so many other crazy things that pretty much amount to the snake oil of old.  Today My amazing hubby had someone ( who it didn't come as a surprise to me) tell him about some miracle thing.  Boy did it make me mad.  Just from my end of the conversation it ticked me off.  The people who have no degree of any kind of medicine.  Or ever a degree of any kind.  They think they are so smart. GRRRRR!  I gave it some thought and decided that what I need is a statement.  Something that I can rattle off or train my beloved and my offspring to rattle off, on a moments notice.

How is this?

Thank you ever so much on your advice on how to become cured!  I am going to have to pass on hearing all the details.  I have decided, along with my family that I will rely on the uninformed advice of the so called experts who spent years and years wasting their time in the pursuit of scientific study at America's major medical institutions.

Well folks, what do you think?  I think it sounds just like me.  Having a statement prepared has made me feel so ready for the inevitable.  I think I will print it and keep a copy in my purse so that if I am put on the spot I will have my " statement" prepared.

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