Ahhh, here it is on the verge of being Autumn.  I love this time of year.  When the sky is muted, there is a chill in the air and the leaves dance through the air on their way down from the trees.  The crunch the leaves make when you go for a walk.  Not to mention the smells in the air.  Fireplaces start to get a bit more use, and jackets and sweaters come out of storage.  This year, with the cancer patient haircut (baldy) being my new fashion statement I am going to be trying to figure out how to make it a trendy look.  Maybe perfectly healthy people will go out and shave their heads so that they can look like me.  Laugh!!  When I figure out the whole new bald as a style look, I will snap pics and share it with you.

The urge to wear warmer clothes is in full force. Aside from my life as a woman with mets breast cancer, I have other interests as well.  One of them is thrift stores.  You can find so much useful junk there.  My advice is to make sure you clean everything in a big way.  If you buy shoes make sure that you lysol the insoles, and use cleaning wipes to clean the exterior.  If you like to buy things that look vintage you shouldn't have any trouble finding stuff like that at a thrift store.  You do need to pick through things pretty thoroughly though.  Wash any clothing you purchase right away and do it on a delicate cycle.  When you go to these stores you can haggle.  They want to sell the stuff right?  Don't be afraid to make an offer for less than they are asking.  The worst thing that can happen is they say no.  It is totally worth the try.  If you live in or near Dallas the Buffalo exchange is a great thrift store to check out.  I'd love for you to put in the comments what stores you recommend in your area.

On the cancer front, I am doing pretty good for 4 days out from my last treatment.  Tiredness and a bit of achy pain.  I can't complain about it.  Over all I am doing pretty good.  Two more days till I get to have my third treatment for this set of treatments.  Big fun!  See, you can have fun a live fun while dealing with cancer. 

Thank you for reading what I love to do for autumn entertainment.  Feel free to share what you love as well.

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