Companies run rampant with pink products for breast cancer awareness.

Let me ask you people, who hasn't heard of cancer?  Who hasn't heard of known someone with breast cancer.  Even if you have no relatives or friends that have it or had it, you have surely heard of a famous actress with breast cancer.  Or some famous actor, singer, athlete with some form of cancer.  Some forms that are rare even.  I have written before about my rage at companies supposedly raising money for awareness.  Awareness has been achieved!!!  A cure needs to be found.  At the risk of sounding like a paranoid comspiracy threorist, I must say that there is  no benefit to drug companies, or doctors to ever find a cure for any of the cancers out there.  There best bet is for us to stay sick and continue to come up with a treatment.  Now now, I know that you are saying, I have a friend who beat cancer.  LIAR.  You have a friend who is in remission and will see their oncologist for the rest of their life every 3-6 months to monitor their cell counts to make sure they are still in remission.  Once you have had cancer your odds having it reoccur are phenomenally high.  It is depressing. People live with a false sense of security when they are finished with treatment and are told they are cancer free.  Wait for it, wait for it.... the end of that sentence should be, "you are cancer free, for now.  I'll see you in 3 m months and every 3 months forever" 

A really wonderful lady with metastatic breast cancer has a blog called 'Dancing with cancer; living with mets, a new normal"  It is a truly inspiring blog.  Written eloquently and honestly by a woman who is trying desperately to live a normal and beautiful life with this disease.  She has truly achieved an awe inspiring way of life.  In her post today she wrote about the issue of "cancer awareness"  I was going to post her list here, but I really think that the framework of seeing it on her site will make a difference in how your perceive it.  So instead I will link you to her site.

This will take you directly to todays post.  You will enjoy her wit. 

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