Colorado chemo break

The past week has been a great break from chemo.  I get a week off and it amounts to 13 days between treatments.  We spent most of that time in Colorado visiting both sides of our families, and also house hunting.  You see I have mets bc, and my hubby has cll.  That stands for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.  Both of our cancers are till death do us part kinds of cancers.  We will always have it until there is a cure.  The drug companies have no serious motivation to find a  cure as long as people keep sending them money for treatments.  That is just my humble opinion as a cancer insider.  With both of us having the big C, we have discovered how important it is to surround yourself with family and friends.  All of our family is in Colorado, hence the house shopping.  We may have found a home, but the sellers have until Friday to let us know.  Say your prayers and keep your fingers crossed for us. 

Tomorrow is back to the usual chemo routine of three weeks on and one week off for me.  Still I am taking the massive horse pill antibiotics for shingles.  They are all gone and I am better.  Having to take them till the bottle is empty is a chore.  You know what happens if you don't take all your antibiotics right?  Your illness can come back.  Who wants that?  Not me.  The night before chemo I usually spend cleaning up stuff I won't feel like cleaning while the few days after treatment.  Since we just returned from out trip, I needed to do these things anyway.  Stuff like clean the tub, run laundry, and deep cleaning the kitchen.  I am all done with that and now I wait for tomorrow.  I'm all hopped up on steroids, counting down.  Tick tock!

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