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Respost from Dancing with cancer-think before you pink questions

this list originally generated from www.thinkbeforeyoupink.org1. How much money from your purchase actually goes toward breast cancer? Is the amount clearly stated on the package?When the package does state the amount of the donation, is that amount enough? Fox Home Entertainment, for example, sold “DVDs for the Cure” for $14.95 and donated 50 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Is this a significant contribution, or a piddly amount? You decide. If you can’t tell how much money is being donated, or if you don’t think it’s enough, give directly to the organization instead.
2. What is the maximum amount that will be donated?Many companies place a cap on the amount of money that will be donated. For example, Give Hope Jeans, sold by White House Black Market for $88, donated “net proceeds” from the sale to the organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer. But they’ve capped their contributions at $200,000. This means that once they had reached the $200,000 limit they stopped contr…

Companies run rampant with pink products for breast cancer awareness.

Let me ask you people, who hasn't heard of cancer?  Who hasn't heard of known someone with breast cancer.  Even if you have no relatives or friends that have it or had it, you have surely heard of a famous actress with breast cancer.  Or some famous actor, singer, athlete with some form of cancer.  Some forms that are rare even.  I have written before about my rage at companies supposedly raising money for awareness.  Awareness has been achieved!!!  A cure needs to be found.  At the risk of sounding like a paranoid comspiracy threorist, I must say that there is  no benefit to drug companies, or doctors to ever find a cure for any of the cancers out there.  There best bet is for us to stay sick and continue to come up with a treatment.  Now now, I know that you are saying, I have a friend who beat cancer.  LIAR.  You have a friend who is in remission and will see their oncologist for the rest of their life every 3-6 months to monitor their cell counts to make sure they are stil…


Ahhh, here it is on the verge of being Autumn.  I love this time of year.  When the sky is muted, there is a chill in the air and the leaves dance through the air on their way down from the trees.  The crunch the leaves make when you go for a walk.  Not to mention the smells in the air.  Fireplaces start to get a bit more use, and jackets and sweaters come out of storage.  This year, with the cancer patient haircut (baldy) being my new fashion statement I am going to be trying to figure out how to make it a trendy look.  Maybe perfectly healthy people will go out and shave their heads so that they can look like me.  Laugh!!  When I figure out the whole new bald as a style look, I will snap pics and share it with you.

The urge to wear warmer clothes is in full force. Aside from my life as a woman with mets breast cancer, I have other interests as well.  One of them is thrift stores.  You can find so much useful junk there.  My advice is to make sure you clean everything in a big way.  …

The changing of the seasons

I am ready for the changing of the seasons.  It is beyond warm in the Dallas Fort worth area of Texas.  But there is that hint of cool waiting around the corner.  When you are having hot flashes from taking Famera, you really wish that the heat would go away. Autumn has always been my favorite season.  I love the way that the leaves change colors and fall off of the trees.  It smells so good in the air.  Hearing the crunch of the leaves underfoot when you go for walks. don't you just love it when people start to decorate for the season?