what do you do?

Yesterday I had my taxes done. The lady asked what I do for a living. It was hard to respond. I can't really work now that all my time is spent having chemo, tests, and fighting against fatigue! So, my answer was I survive. But she couldn't put that on the form so I said house wife. It sort of through me into a depression. To top that off life is happening around me. My oldest moved back to Texas. He left on a two day drive yesterday and arrived today. I knew that he was a Texas through and through when the first snow fell in Colorado and he told me he was homesick for Texas. I am so proud of him for setting out on his own. Moving is rough emotionally. I know that this move is good for him cause he has all his friends there, and it is familiar.

Now, how am I doing? The partial remission thing isn't as exciting as I thought it would be. Still being on the same chemo regime is tough. I am looking forward to taking my taxol break starting in May. The plan is to take Avastin and my zometa once a month for as long as I can before the metastasis spreads again. I am hoping for many months. It is my cancerversary this month. It was the 31st of March that I got the call, then on the 7th of Apri that I got the full picture of my diagnosis with the oncologist. Man it has been a long year filled with doctors and tests. But to go into even a partial remission so amazing. I am truly blessed. Now if my hair would just grow longer faster! I have that Twiggy short hair. Not my style. Oh well, You can't have everything


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