Forced down time

Hello people,

Yesterday I had a day of forced down time.  I woke to an excruciating headache.  Imagine the worst hangover of your life amplified.  This brought on a huge wave of nausea, that could not be fought by even the toughest of anti nausea medicines.  Follow this with a bought of exorcist style vomiting, and then hours of being passed out because of a compound of phenergan.  That ties up my day with a bow. 

Because I was ill yesterday,  Mo had to cancel plans we had with family.  Which was a bummer.  I don't get to see my sister in law Linda very often and was really looking forward to seeing her.  I am learning that I am not in charge any more.  Cancer rules.  (Not like YEA, Cancer Rules man! ) It is the boss now. 

Today I feel quite wimpy and fatigued.  My mood is good.  Mo is keeping me home from church because of how weak I feel.  ( he is very protective, and I love him muchness for that) He doesn't want me to overdo it and feel gross again.  The crappy part of a three week cycle of chemo is that just as I begin to feel well on Monday, I go back Tuesday for another round. 

Good news is I received a shipment of makeup I ordered.  So While I am sitting on my butt today I might play with that to keep myself busy.  Plus, putting my "mask" on may make me feel more like myself.  You can find more info on makeup stuff and things that make life beautiful on my other channel,

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog.


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