The perils of day 3

Ahhhh, day 3.  The third day after chemo tests your body in ways you just never knew were possible.  There are twingy aches and pains in your bones.  Fatigue that could crush the strongest men on earth.  Scalp tickles that precursor the loss of your hair.  My eyes are dry and itchy.  A lovely side effect of the taxol is nose bleeds.  Yea, that one is fun!  I am not bitching, I am just telling you what is happening to my body.

Mostly the aches and pains and fatigue are what is getting me.  Oh, and I must say that with a lifelong love of coffee, being completely grossed out by the smell of coffee is sad.  Water tastes a little weird today as well.  I have managed to load and run some dishes, as well as fold a load of laundry.  (thanks to my wonderful daughter for carrying the load to my room for me)  Without the extra help of the people who love me, I wouldn't be able to get most of the routine things I do, done.

My big plans for the rest of today are to keep hydrated by drinking out of my giant aladdin water glass.

These are such amazing glasses.  They don't create condensation or water rings.  They keep your drink icy cold.  I love using them.

While I am sipping on water I will be planted firmly on the couch either watching tv or napping.  Fun times!  (giggle)

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