My hair is tickling.... this can only mean bald is just around the corner.

Hello people,

I hope that this post finds all of you well and happy.  My day has been productive and even a little fun.  I've talked to my son, who is turning 21 today, twice. I have gotten to spend time shopping and then getting groceries with my lovely daughter.  I had energy enough to get those things done.  Now I am home and resting.

I am on my second 24 hours since having chemo.  The follicles of my hair are tickling.  This is how my head felt just before my hair started to fall out last time.  It seems to me that it happened more around day 21 the last time.    Day two is way too soon.  Although I am on a higher dose of taxol this time.  We picked up my prescription of latise.  I'm hoping that using this helps prevent my lashes from falling out.  It is probably vain to want to keep them now that I have them back.  But dammit, cancer has taken too much from me and my family, is it really too much to want to keep some fringe on my eyes.  The doc says that there is a 50/50 chance I will keep them using the latise.  Not bad odds.

We tried a new place for lunch.  New to me at least.  Qdoba.  Pretty good burritos.  My appetite is severely diminished so I brought more than half of it home for dinner.  Overall today is good.  Right now I am fatigued, but happy.  Happy for time spent with my daughter, great conversation with my son, and the return of my traveling hubby tonight. Plus you just can't beat the love and cuddles I have been getting from three cute little dachshunds!!

These pups are such lovers.  It is great to get all these special cuddles and such from them.

I hope that you all have a blessed and beautiful day.


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