Living life and keeping busy

Hello People, Is everyone doing well? I am having an achy day. It is cold and windy here in Colorado. The weather being cold always tends to make those cancerous bones hurt more. A plus is that I have been having consistently high numbers for my oxygen. So, I haven't been using my oxygen at all! Woohoo! Yesterday was chemo. Today is a tired sort of day. I had my teeth cleaned, and it is nice to take care of myself that way. It is important to continue treating yourself well when you have cancer. Sometimes the excessive treatment appointments, PET scans, MRI's and Dr. visits make it so that you just can't imagine squeezing dental appointments, dog vet visits or any other visits. All of that can be so time consuming. Am I right? I'm right! Healthy people say life is too short. Blah blah blah. When you have been told that your life is short it is different. You really don't want to be doing things take your time. You want to spend your time living. Not driving an hour round trip for a 45 minute dental visit. ( time wasted driving is a major gripe of mine ) I also don't like waiting. What's your take on those things? I would love it if you post your comment below. Now that I have complained, how about I share things that give me joy. My hubby,
my children,
my new puppy Sadie.
I really enjoy cooking, but am in a rut of cooking the same stuff over and over. Walking is fun when it is warm enough to do it. So, what do you enjoy? Tell me in the comments, or email me. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie

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