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The perils of day 3

Ahhhh, day 3.  The third day after chemo tests your body in ways you just never knew were possible.  There are twingy aches and pains in your bones.  Fatigue that could crush the strongest men on earth.  Scalp tickles that precursor the loss of your hair.  My eyes are dry and itchy.  A lovely side effect of the taxol is nose bleeds.  Yea, that one is fun!  I am not bitching, I am just telling you what is happening to my body.

Mostly the aches and pains and fatigue are what is getting me.  Oh, and I must say that with a lifelong love of coffee, being completely grossed out by the smell of coffee is sad.  Water tastes a little weird today as well.  I have managed to load and run some dishes, as well as fold a load of laundry.  (thanks to my wonderful daughter for carrying the load to my room for me)  Without the extra help of the people who love me, I wouldn't be able to get most of the routine things I do, done.

My big plans for the rest of today are to keep hydrated by drinking o…

My hair is tickling.... this can only mean bald is just around the corner.

Hello people,

I hope that this post finds all of you well and happy.  My day has been productive and even a little fun.  I've talked to my son, who is turning 21 today, twice. I have gotten to spend time shopping and then getting groceries with my lovely daughter.  I had energy enough to get those things done.  Now I am home and resting.

I am on my second 24 hours since having chemo.  The follicles of my hair are tickling.  This is how my head felt just before my hair started to fall out last time.  It seems to me that it happened more around day 21 the last time.    Day two is way too soon.  Although I am on a higher dose of taxol this time.  We picked up my prescription of latise.  I'm hoping that using this helps prevent my lashes from falling out.  It is probably vain to want to keep them now that I have them back.  But dammit, cancer has taken too much from me and my family, is it really too much to want to keep some fringe on my eyes.  The doc says that there is a 50/5…

Update since my pet scan, yes the cancer is back

Just wanted to give you all the promised update. The cancer has returned. Two new sites in my arm, and as suspected the big swollen area on my pectoral area is in fact a tumor. I will have chemo and a couple months down the road surgery to remove that area and the rest of my breast. I will see a cosmetic surgeon to determine the ability to do reconstruction. It is doubtful though. Without further ado, here is a video update. thanks for stopping by my site. Leslie

Pet scan process

Hello people,

Today I had a pet scan.  This one was a bit sooner than the usual every three months that I've been having them.  We have a bit of a suspicion that my break from Taxol will not be a long break as I had hoped.  There are several symptoms that make me and the doc think that I am no longer in remission.  So, for diagnostic purposes I had a pet scan today.  Tomorrow  I will see the doctor and he will share the results with me.  I decided to film what I could of the whole pet scan procedure today and share it with you.  You will find the film below.

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