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Changes are coming, and the will really affect everyone involved

The change ahead had been discussed quite a lot over many months as a family specifically Mo and I talking about this change and how it will work for us as a connected married couple. What the change is, is the cold in Colorado increases my pain significantly. We live so far out of town on a long and winding bumpy dirt road. This is phase one of gaining more pain. Stage two is being on the road having it vibrate all my aching sore bones and lungs, during cold weather. It compounds how bad I feel physically. We worked through it last winter. I think we were hoping some miracle solution would appear. It hasn't. So after many months of praying, taking and figuring things out I am heading back to Flower Mound Tx on the 14 of November. It will be better physically for me to be in a climate that is warmer. I will still have pain there, but considerably less bitter cold and wind that leaves me feeling battered. My plan is to leave on nov 14, and drive half way, then drive the rest if…

Chemo day after, kitchen remodel update, puppy video appearance.

Hello People! Are you having a nice Halloween? It is 58 degrees here in Parker. Much warmer than in recent days. No threat of snow for the little trick or treaters. With the houses being 5 or more acres apart, we don't really get any trick or treaters. Instead they arrange a hay ride for the little ones the weekend before hand. Today I am hanging out in my bedroom. The house is a little torn apart from the remodeling being done in the kitchen. It feels much more calm and peaceful here in my room. Right now Sadie is next to me taking a puppy nap. I can hear Oscar snoring in his dog bed and Libby is at work in Mo's office down the hall. She is his personal assistant. LOL. I'm getting ready to read the final Dean Koontz Odd Thomas book. I'll let you know what I think about it. My brain is in a bit of chemo fog, so I hope I can focus enough to read. Have you read any good books lately? Well, I'm sharing a short video with you with tidbits of my …