Mail order Pharmacy update.

Well hello People,

I told you I would give you a video blog update when I received my chemo. Which was supposed to be by today. (Wednesday) But it didn't come! I called my doctors office yesterday and left a specific message. They called me back today and said I should have heard from the pharmacy by now. Which sort of goes against what they told me on Friday. They had said I was all set up and would have my chemo by Wednesday. At any rate, I heard from the pharmacy today. I got the impression that they had gotten into some trouble. They are over nighting me the chemo and I am supposed to get it tomorrow morning. Once I get it I will film a video to let you know what it looks like and how it makes me feel and stuff like that. This has been seriously frustrating! But as soon as I can I'll share what is happening with the Xeloda.

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