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Xeloda has finally arriveed

hello people.

just a little video update


Mail order Pharmacy update.

Well hello People,

I told you I would give you a video blog update when I received my chemo. Which was supposed to be by today. (Wednesday) But it didn't come! I called my doctors office yesterday and left a specific message. They called me back today and said I should have heard from the pharmacy by now. Which sort of goes against what they told me on Friday. They had said I was all set up and would have my chemo by Wednesday. At any rate, I heard from the pharmacy today. I got the impression that they had gotten into some trouble. They are over nighting me the chemo and I am supposed to get it tomorrow morning. Once I get it I will film a video to let you know what it looks like and how it makes me feel and stuff like that. This has been seriously frustrating! But as soon as I can I'll share what is happening with the Xeloda.

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Mail order Pharmacy mishaps.

Hello people,

Are you well today? I sure hope you all are doing okay. I would love to hear from you about how life is in your world. Things are crazy in my world. I am expecting to start Xeloda any time now. Last Monday is when I saw the oncologist. I was supposed to receive my mail order prescription of my chemo before the end of last week in order to start it by Friday. When I hadn't gotten it by Friday I called the oncologist and the orders had not be faxed properly to CVS mail order. Not that I am in a huge hurry to start having the effects of chemo again, but I am concerned that I have this tumor growing in my heart. It is growing so fast. Well anyway. after calling them on Friday the oncologist supposedly got everything squared away with the mail order pharmacy. At this point I don't know when the medicine will arrive. I gotta say that it is pretty frustrating to have to rely on other people to take care of stuff like this and have it not work as it is suppos…