Cycle 11 of Xeloda, troll dolls, and summer reading.

Hello friends!

Wow, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday I had zero energy and felt super quiet and unfocused. Today...(probly cause it is the last day of cycle 11, and I am excited to take a break from chemo for a week) I feel motivated, and bubbly! I even managed to have an unplanned lunch outing with my daughter. Spontaneity is awesome! Doing random things on the spur of the moment is something that everyone should do more of. Schedule some spontaneity! Hahaha, no, really just be more random, its FUN.

So, after said random lunch outing, I had a burst of blogging fever. I decided to share with YOU the image of the kind of troll doll I had when I was a kid. If you had one, feel free to share a photo of the one you had. We can go down memory lane together as we share our childhood troll adventures. ( seriously, that thing used to freak me out. It was a scary little beast.) I also wanted to share the things that I have been enjoying reading so far this summer. I haven't gone to any movies yet. I'm not sure that there is any one movie I am burning to see. I will probly wait for "The fault in our stars" to come out on video. By the way, this book was based on a real life human girl who lived with cancer. Her name was Esther Earl, you can view her youtube here:

Gosh this is getting rambly. I guess I will end this blog here and leave you with the video I made for youtube today. Here it is:

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