Different products I have used to treat hand and foot syndrome

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I am attempting to do things a little differently on this blog. I am trying to create more pages that will lead you to specific topics as you search for answers on your cancer journey. For instance, you may be specifically looking for info on hand and foot syndrome, and you don't want to read my whole blog to find answers. Creating pages will help you. You just come to my blog, look through the pages menu to find the topic you're looking for and then Viola! You can see if I have the answers you seek. The first of the pages I will be posting to this blog is about the types of creams, and ointments I use for keeping the hand and foot syndrome from getting out of control. Don't get me wrong, I still have it, but it helps it from cracking, bleeding, peeling or being too painful. My feet and hands are still red, but these products really help. Of course you should always let your doctor or a nurse know that you are experiencing this. They may have other recommendations for you. These are supplementary to what they may suggest.

In addition to the over the counter creams, I also use coconut oil. This is a food grade oil, and I do use it in cooking. But I also scoop a little tupperware container of it to keep in the bathroom. I use this as a body butter on my feet, legs and arms. It smells like Hawaiian tropic. Smells sooooo great! I also will use about a tablespoon size once a week and put it on dry hair for about 15 minutes as a deep conditioner. I use a thumb nail size of it to remove eyeliner and mascara daily. Just rub it into your eyes until you have black circles like a raccoon, and then remove it with a cotton ball and wash your face using your regular facial cleanser. It makes your lashes soft and really removes all your eye make very well. It dissolves really nicely in hot bath water for a oil bath. Leaving your skin soft and silky. It is so much more than a kitchen product. Try it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Also, did anyone find the hidden message in my previous blog post? Just wondering if anyone picked up on that. Look for more hidden messages in posts to come.

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