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I'm walking on sunshine....and I feel fine!

Hello people,

Tomorrow is day 10 of xeloda. I normal have had a rough and very sick day around this time of my cycle. But I have been taking anti-nausea meds and I didn't feel sick today as I would have normally. What a relief to wake with out a headache or a sick stomach!!! It feels so good to feel good. We managed to run errands and look at a couple houses today. Not having a wasted day is so awesome.

As for the house search, I am pretty discouraged. There hasn't been a house that we have seen where we both were able to say "we can totally see ourselves living here!" It seems each place has quirky things that we just can't get past. Like the house that the people had put a doggie shower in the basement living room with a doggie door leading in from the outside. Or the house that had a sound booth built in because the owner was a dj (really.... who else on the planet would use that but him?) There have been houses with weird attic access doors, and oth…

Xeloda, cycle 6... stable so far.

Hello People,

Question of the week:
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Are you doing well my friends? I am on cycle 6 day 7 of Xeloda. So far I'm feeling pretty well. It is usually between day 8 and day 10 that I have a day of sickness. I'm taking a consistent amount of zofran (daytime) and then phenergan (night time) The test of how well taking these meds from day 8-10 works will be tomorrow. If I don't wake with a headache or sick stomach tomorrow, Life will be awesome! I'm pretty hopeful about feeling good tomorrow. I will of course, keep you all posted.

Cancer news aside, the weather here is finally getting warmer. It is supposed to get colder now around mid week next week. They are expecting another winter snow storm to head this way. Are you ready for winter to end? I love Spring and Summer. We have been house hunting in and around Knoxville. It is not fun going out in the cold to view houses. I H…