Xeloda, cycle 6... stable so far.

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Are you doing well my friends? I am on cycle 6 day 7 of Xeloda. So far I'm feeling pretty well. It is usually between day 8 and day 10 that I have a day of sickness. I'm taking a consistent amount of zofran (daytime) and then phenergan (night time) The test of how well taking these meds from day 8-10 works will be tomorrow. If I don't wake with a headache or sick stomach tomorrow, Life will be awesome! I'm pretty hopeful about feeling good tomorrow. I will of course, keep you all posted.

Cancer news aside, the weather here is finally getting warmer. It is supposed to get colder now around mid week next week. They are expecting another winter snow storm to head this way. Are you ready for winter to end? I love Spring and Summer. We have been house hunting in and around Knoxville. It is not fun going out in the cold to view houses. I Hope and pray that we find one soon. I think we have viewed about 30 houses now. There have been two that have come close. But so far, no luck. We have some very specific things we want in a home, and at our stage in life we don't want to compromise. I'm pretty sure that where ever wee end up, it will be the last house I move into. I want it to be as near our dream house as possible. Do you have specific dream items for your dream house? I would love a large kitchen with lots of storage and enough full bathrooms for my whole family. Plus a lot of room for the pups to run and wear each other out! LOL. I thought I was done entertaining small children. But that is what a puppy is, A small, furry child. Sadie wants to play all, the, time. I love her to pieces though.

Another thing that has been taking up my time. I've become completely obsessed with watching Downtown Abby. I have watched the three seasons available in 4 weeks. I am down to the last episode of season three. NO SPOILERS please! I just can't seem to see enough. I hope season four comes out soon.

I need to find another project to keep me busy. I just finished a small crochet lap throw for my daughter. Maybe I should get out my sewing machine? I don't know. I just need to keep busy. Any suggestions? Craft ideas?

as soon as I know how I feel for day 9 and 10, I will post a small update for you.

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