Who says I'm not stable?

Hello my people! How are you all doing? It is so dog gone cold here in Tn. It is really messing up the area. 3 inches of snow and all the public offices and schools shut down for 3 days. It was a parking lot on a lot of the major highways. Several schools had to keep students overnight. But Sadie loved eating the snow. I guess since she was born in Colorado, cold weather is in her blood! LOL! I did enjoy the snow days. Being indoors and watching tv and movies. I finally got to watch the Bourne Legacy. Tell me there is going to be a sequal!?! Cause that ending was a real let down.

My petscan was last week. Today I went for the results. Due to my car battery dying on me, I had to rely on Mo rescuing me and driving me to my appointment. What a blessing that he was nearby. The appointment went well. I tell you all about it in my video.

Question 0f the day:

What do you do for excersize? Post in the comments below. I look forward to hearing what you do.

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