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The truth about metastatic breast cancer.

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Here is another repost of a post I originally posted on The Beautiful Life. I believe it was reposted on Leslie's camcer confessions two years ago. I said before that if it is relevant I will post it or repost it or link to it. So, here is this post that I wrote in 2012. It has such great info, sourced from another site that I post a link to in the blog. Plus some of my opinions and experience on the data from the post I link.

I can't believe it is two years later. 40,000 women (and men) die each year from metastatic breast cancer. Or at least that wasthe last figure documented as of two years ago. It could be and probably is more. The pink culture doesn't want to keep stats on those that are dying only on the ones who have had surgery or chemo and been declared in remission. Just read the data, and have your mind blown. No matter how grim the states are though, please keep your focus on life, and not death. Live each day fully. I pray for yo…

Whatever happened to: DRACO, cutting edge cancer cure, posted in medical news today, 2011.

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Today is a day filled with cancer news. In the Knoxville TN news, they are talking about the possibility of 10X dose of measle vaccine in terminal patients can cure the disease.

It was also posted on CNN: Here is a portion of the article headed with the link to the full article:

(CNN) -- A woman with an incurable cancer is now in remission, thanks, doctors say, to a highly concentrated dose of the measles virus.

For 10 years, Stacy Erholtz, 49, battled multiple myeloma, a deadly cancer of the blood. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic say she had received every type of chemotherapy drug available for her cancer and had undergone two stem cell transplants, only to relapse time and again.

Then researchers gave her and five other multiple myeloma patients a dose of a highly concentrated, lab-engineered measles virus similar to the measles vaccine. In fact, the dose Erholtz received contained enough of the virus to vaccinate approximately 10 million people.

"The idea here is…

Count it all Joy.

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I am reposting a letter that I wrote to friends and to family over on facebook April 2 2011. That was just after I had found my metastaic breast cancer diagnosis and treatment options. It was March 28th when I got the call. So I have out live the the thought that I would be dead in a yr ( standard life expectancy of 1-5 years with this disease) I used to attend The village church in Texas. Matt Chandler was our pastor and was an incredible teacher of the bible. I learned so much from his sermons. You can find them on itunes or go to the village church website and subscribe to the sermons. I would guess if you wanted to hear this particular sermon I mention it could be found on itunes. Any way... The point is, I posted this 3 yrs ago, and it is still very relevant. It may have been written for my friends and my family at the time, but now I want to share it with YOU. My internet family. Please enjoy what I have to share. I hope and pray you will be blessed by…