Whatever happened to: DRACO, cutting edge cancer cure, posted in medical news today, 2011.

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Today is a day filled with cancer news. In the Knoxville TN news, they are talking about the possibility of 10X dose of measle vaccine in terminal patients can cure the disease.

It was also posted on CNN: Here is a portion of the article headed with the link to the full article:

(CNN) -- A woman with an incurable cancer is now in remission, thanks, doctors say, to a highly concentrated dose of the measles virus.

For 10 years, Stacy Erholtz, 49, battled multiple myeloma, a deadly cancer of the blood. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic say she had received every type of chemotherapy drug available for her cancer and had undergone two stem cell transplants, only to relapse time and again.

Then researchers gave her and five other multiple myeloma patients a dose of a highly concentrated, lab-engineered measles virus similar to the measles vaccine. In fact, the dose Erholtz received contained enough of the virus to vaccinate approximately 10 million people.

"The idea here is that a virus can be trained to specifically damage a cancer and to leave other tissues in the body unharmed," said the lead study author, Dr. Stephen Russell.
Mayo Clinic staff test to see if Stacy Erholtz\'s cancer is still in remission.
Mayo Clinic staff test to see if Stacy Erholtz's cancer is still in remission.

It's a concept known as virotherapy, and it's been done before. Mayo Clinic scientists say thousands of cancer patients have been treated with viruses, but this is the first case of a patient with a cancer that had spread throughout the body going into remission.

Erholtz was cancer-free for nine months.

"I think we succeeded because we pushed the dose higher than others have pushed it," Russell said. "And I think that is critical. The amount of virus that's in the bloodstream really is the driver of how much gets into the tumors."

In addition to this current news, I am also pondering a news release from 2011 about a drug called DRACO; Link here: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/opinions/76503; that was suppose to be a cancer cure. This was reported on and then pushed to the dark to never be heard about again. HMMMMMMM, makes you wonder. I guess there is little profit in cure. There is a LOT of profit in treatment, and funerals. I'm not trying to be morbid here, but I have become cynical, and suspicious of all the money raised of decades for cancer cures, that never have panned out to more than treatments. It leads me to think that they aren't really looking for a cure, just a donation. Even if a scientist found a cure, they may be unlikely to publish it. Cancer research breeds and environment of more research. Not an environment of cure discovery. I'm JUST Saying.......

Well, that is all I have to share with you today. These are the things that have caught my interest today. Oh yea, and on the cover of Forbes this week is Joseph Jimenez who created NOVARTIS. He is being hailed as the man who will cure cancer. HMMMM, will this be a dead end in two years as was DRACO?

Thank you all for stopping by my blog. I hope it doesn't sound angry. Sarcastic perhaps, but not angry. Anyhooooo, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


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