Count it all Joy.

Hello Friends,
I am reposting a letter that I wrote to friends and to family over on facebook April 2 2011. That was just after I had found my metastaic breast cancer diagnosis and treatment options. It was March 28th when I got the call. So I have out live the the thought that I would be dead in a yr ( standard life expectancy of 1-5 years with this disease) I used to attend The village church in Texas. Matt Chandler was our pastor and was an incredible teacher of the bible. I learned so much from his sermons. You can find them on itunes or go to the village church website and subscribe to the sermons. I would guess if you wanted to hear this particular sermon I mention it could be found on itunes. Any way... The point is, I posted this 3 yrs ago, and it is still very relevant. It may have been written for my friends and my family at the time, but now I want to share it with YOU. My internet family. Please enjoy what I have to share. I hope and pray you will be blessed by it.

Here it is:

Count it all joy!
April 2, 2011 at 5:02pm

So many friends, and people who I have never met are praying for me since my stage IV diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. I cannot thank you all enough. Some of you are sad. And As I have asked why God would put my friends and family through this, some of you have asked why as well. I just finished listening to a podcast on Habakkuk by Matt Chandler at the Village church, not knowing that God would be talking to me through it. One thing that jumps out is wether we follow Christ or deny him, the first thing we do in a crisis is ask why God would allow it to happen. Ironic for a disbeliever to ask that, but they do. Asking why is something children do. Thinking of when my children were young, they why'd everything. The grass the sky ect. Yes, we ask why. But I tell you something I learned from Mo a long time ago when he was diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, when people asked him why God would do that to him. He said "who better to be ill with this than a Christian?' So the world can see my Faith and see God's healing. People may be saying, "Leslie stage four is the last one, that's bad you could die". To that I have to share Matt's sermon. He was diagnosed 18 months ago with an un- encapsulated brain tumor. That means it was leaking in his brain. The prognosis was very poor. When people asked him this saying that it is bad he could die, he would say "you are dying too" We are all dying! This may be the illness that chases me the rest of my life. Or I could get taken out by a bus. The important question isn't "why did this happen?' The important question is where will I spend eternity? I gave my life to Christ as a teen on a mountain top in Colorado, Then I strayed and reconfirmed my commitment to follow him as an adult and was baptized by choice to show the same obedience that Jesus did, when he was baptized by his cousin John. I have bouts with doubt about all kinds of things, but there is no doubt that I know I will be in heaven when by body is left empty and my soul leaves this earth. To unbelievers- So, If you are questioning things. Please question where you are with your belief, and where you want to be forever. If you don't believe and that gives you comfort, okay I guess. If you think you're right and find out you weren't you have lost everything. If I find out I am wrong, I have lost nothing, and have lived the best life ever. Who has more to lose? You or me. To believers- Who better than me to be sick and healed. Thank you for your continued prayers.

With abundant love and mad respect,


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